Thank You - Sydney Seascapes
Taken by Grant Galbraith.

Sydney Seascapes

By Mykal Hall Photography
"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."

The Advantages Of Having Photographer Friends.

Taken by Grant Galbraith.
Photographed by

A group of Google+ photographers all met up for a sunrise shoot at a Sydney northern suburbs beach, Mona Vale. After the sun had made it's appearance to a cloudless sky, a thick fog rolled in and shrouded us all in a blanket of white. This is when Grant capture this as I was lining up a shot of three surfers venturing out into the mist. 

Thanks mate, for the use of this for my bio picture. Love it. :)))

Photographed by
Once again another Google+ photography sunrise meet up at Turimetta Beach, a northern suburb beach of Sydney. The photography gods were not on our side as once again, the sky remained cloudless as the sun poked over the horizon. After capturing what we could, we gathered and chatted for awhile when I noticed a composition that might be interesting. I made my way out to an out crop of rocks that I deemed safe to shoot from. As you can see from these images I was RIGHT!!! :) Not a drop on me. The things we do to get the shot. Oh, by the way, the shot I took from here wasn't that interesting. You never know if you never go.

Thanks mate. You made me look like a legend!!! :))) or an idiot.
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